Our Philosophy

Inspired by the freedom of conscious minimalism, sustainable living and being comfortable in your own skin, we want our clothing to personify a new kind of ideal that welcomes authenticity and transparency. 
Our collections are lead by the palette and textures of the natural world; the tactile and the raw; finding the beauty between the understated and the refined. 
One Fable is an exploration into our true essence. 


Support Handmade ~ We honour the tradition of craftsmanship, by supporting Artisans in Indonesia and India. We intentionally create small-batch capsule collections, and in this approach we are able to share our love and passion for natural fibres and hand-crafted textiles. We hope that when you wear any piece from One Fable that you feel the energetic exchange from every person that contributed to its production.


Ethical Working ~ Due to our small-scale production overseas we are fortunate enough to support Cottage Industry production methods.  Our team of seamstresses and weavers have the option to work out of the comfort of their own homes, supporting a work/life balance required by many families. We support only small scale businesses, choosing to seek out and foster long term relationships with our international team. We are still working with the two families we began with in 2014. Our weavers and makers set their own pay rates, which we pay accordingly, in addition to seasonal bonuses.


Invest Wisely ~ It has never been more important to invest in long-lasting pieces that will become treasures for years to come. Inspired by the freedom of living with less and investing in high quality pieces, we stand for holding tight to the things we love, amplifying what matters and editing out what doesn’t. Our approach to everything we do is simple, and this is translated in our collections. We design with the simplicity we crave in mind; disregarding trends and excess in favour of quality, longevity, ease of wear, and trans-seasonal versatility.


Conscious Choices ~ We aspire to be thoughtful in everything we do, and our choices are considered reflections of our values. Traceable from seed through to garment, each collection is a celebration of Artisan craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and a true connection to process. Forever celebrating the beauty of effortless minimalism.