Inspired by the freedom of conscious minimalism, sustainable living, and being comfortable in your own skin, we want our clothing to personify a new kind of ideal that welcomes authenticity and transparency. 




CRAFTSMANSHIP ~ We honour the tradition of true craftsmanship by directly supporting small scale Farms and Artisans in Indonesia and India. 


ETHICAL PRODUCTION ~ We support and protect a healthy work/life balance with our team across the globe. Fair wages, safe working conditions, and long term partnerships are the foundation of our business.


SMALL BATCH ~ Producing less than demand ensures we are taking responsibility for the work we put out into the world. We create small batch capsule collections with our no-waste production partners.


TIMELESS DESIGN ~ Our approach to everything we do is simple, and this is translated in our collections. We design with the simplicity we crave in mind; disregarding trends and excess in favour of quality, longevity, ease of wear, and trans-seasonal versatility.


CONSCIOUS CHOICES ~ We aspire to be thoughtful in everything we do, and our choices are considered reflections of our values. Traceable from seed through to garment, each collection is a celebration of Artisan craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and a true connection to process.